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Miami Real Estate Market Update

March 16, 2022

My two cents on the impacts on the Miami Real Estate Market…

The Federal Reserve just raised Interest Rates by 25 basis points or .25% for the first time since 2018. More importantly, they indicated they will continue raising rates through this year.

My message to Buyers in this Miami Real Estate Market… if you have been on the fence it’s time to buy. We have already seen rates increase in the last few weeks due to the global uncertainty of the invasion of Ukraine.

Right now is your opportunity to lock in at the lowest rates for the foreseeable future. Stop waiting. Your alarm clock has rung time to wake up.

And Sellers, this affects you as well. Right now we still have one of the strongest real estate markets we’ve ever seen here in Miami as we continue to have very low supply, and almost non-existent in some areas, coupled with very high demand. You still have an opportunity that if you price your property in line with the market it will sell very fast. Now is not the time to try and test the market and overshoot on pricing and let’s see if we can get our price.

Today is a pivotal moment in the Miami Real Estate Market. What are you going to do?

If you need advice on what to do in this market, feel free to Call, Text or Email me for help and I promise we will get it done together.

Talk soon!


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